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The Onfronts Launch

April 19, 2009


Earlier this week, Tilzy.TV announced the launch of The Onfronts – their own marketplace that connects content owners and advertisers.

Upon first glance, I thought this was an ongoing service that was going to compete directly with PlaceVine. But the difference is the Onfronts is a live NY-based event, where content producers and advertisers come together in person, while PlaceVine is an ongoing online service that advertisers/brands, agencies, and content producers sign up for (i.e., the eHarmony for advertisers and content producers).

The OnFronts sounds like a great idea. It certainly continues the momentum of the Streamys. I do wonder what the long-term play here is, however. Whether this is an event that might have different business model implications in the future, or whether this is just meant to be another stake into the legitimization of the category. Either way, it sounds like a move in the right direction. If the Onfronts is meant to be an event-based concept, I wonder whether Tilzy would consider partnering with PlaceVine. It seems like an appropriate match, assuming no direct competition between the two.

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