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The Hayley Project Signs with KoldCast TV

January 19, 2009

I’m happy to announce that The Hayley Project has come to an agreement with KoldCast TV for distribution on their broadband television network.

KoldCast TV uses leading-edge technology to bring you the next generation television network – a multi-network, multi-channel entertainment venue delivering largely free entertainment on demand, 24/7 via broadband.

KoldCast TV Beta sprung up in March, 2008. Since that time, the company has done an impressive job setting up distribution partners and signing high quality content. It’s very early for these guys, and while they may not have the viewership numbers of some of their competitors, I’m excited about their growth opportunity and think that their aggressive strategy is putting them in line to do better than some of the incumbents long-term.

There are several reasons why I’m excited about this partnership with KoldCast TV:

1) Living Room Access – While it hasn’t been officially announced yet, it’s no secret that KoldCast TV has signed a partnership deal with TiVo, meaning The Hayley Project can be watched in your living room (note: Jato had always said that he was shooting THP as if it would be broadcast on TV and now it will be). As we’re seeing more and more convergence of Internet video and TV, I’m glad that we now have an avenue to take part in this emerging trend.

2) Discovery – Early on, we tested distributing THP across several sites but found that only YouTube was successful in getting our show views. Eventually, we stopped adding new episodes to the non-YouTube networks, because we didn’t have the time and resources to promote across their channels. The technology piece of distribution platforms could eventually become commoditized, so the key success factor in the future is going to center around the discovery experience.

As more and more shows are available online, the most difficult thing is to rise above the clutter. KoldCast’s business model is based upon it playing an active role in the marketing, promotion and discoverability of the shows it introduces to its audience. This partnership addresses one of our key weaknesses, which is lack of resources for promotion and marketing. As an example, we really should have been distributing THP on iTunes. Now KoldCast TV will help set this up for us. They will essentially act as the marketing department we never had.

3) High-quality content – From what I’ve seen, the video quality of their videos are superb and they support HD. In preparation for our launch on KoldCast TV, I’ve converted all our episodes to 16:9 format to maximize video quality.

4) Great lineup – As of now, KoldCast TV has been pretty selective in signing their shows. David Samuels, the CEO, told me that they want to bring in content that is going to have synergy with the other shows in their portfolio. He said that they are increasingly having shows submitted and pitched to them, and that they’ve been turning away a lot of content recently. Now I’m not naïve. I know that to be economically successful, you have to have scale. However, I’m hoping that KoldCast continues to maintain a minimum threshold of content quality so that it differentiates itself from other platforms. You can’t be everything to everybody.

5) Management Team – I’m an entrepreneur at heart, and so is CEO David Samuels. David has had an incredibly successful career in technology business (his former company created the software that will eventually become Quicken), before he made the leap to start-up KoldCast TV. In business, most of the time VCs/investors bet on the management team more so than the company concept. In this case, I am confident that David has the strategic vision to make an impact in this space. Granted, KoldCast TV is a baby right now. Some may say it’s still in Beta with a lot of its exciting features still to come (I can’t disclose at the moment). This next year will be a big test for them, but I like where they’re heading.

The Hayley Project continues the second half of its season TODAY (1/19). Now you’ll be able to watch it on YouTube as well as KoldCast TV .

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  1. Steve L permalink
    January 19, 2009 10:57 am

    Congrats on the deal with KoldCast. I’ve been enjoying your blog and THP. Keep up the inspiring work.

  2. January 20, 2009 1:04 pm

    congrats. sounds like a good deal.

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