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Week 7 In Review – The Hayley Project

November 23, 2008

Quick update this week.


  • did a THP article and an on-camera interview with Rachel this week. You can see it here
  • I traveled to Greenwich, CT yesterday to visit Alcove Audio Productions and work with Bob Kessler to clean-up sound for one of our pivotal final episodes. Most of the sound we shot on THP is passable, but this particular episode had really bad sound and we needed to get it cleaned up. For indie productions, Bob offers very reasonable rates and you can contact him at his production website
  • Recap episode is coming out tomorrow. We will break for about a week and return after TDay break

Other learnings/developments

  • Despite not releasing an episode on Thursday, our numbers haven’t really seen decline. In fact, our Friday views were close to 700. That said, I’ll be the first to admit that it’s hard to draw any insights, since we’re constantly trying different marketing approaches. Without a valid control group, we really can’t make any strong conclusions
  • SOUND IS KEY. If I haven’t mentioned it before, sound is the first thing that will tip-off the quality of a production. Bad sound can destroy a film. It’s one of those things that isn’t sexy, so is often ignored. Bob taught me a lot of things about sound this past weekend, and one thing he mentioned was that it’s critical to get a sound person involved in the preproduction process. This is a step we missed early on but could have definitely been valuable in hindsight. Lesson learned
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