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Week 4 In Review – The Hayley Project

November 2, 2008

So a quick update over the last week…

From a promotions perspective, we did two things for The Hayley Project:

1) I presented at the October BigScreen LittleScreen meetup. The meetup was sponsored by howcast. Other presenters included:… – John Threat – Matt Lambert… – Ben Nathan

I had a lot of fun and I met the other creators, which was inspiring.

2) Rachel did a Tilzy.TV on-camera interview. We look forward to it coming out next week.

Other learnings/developments over the week:

  • We saw the emergence of “advocates” (those who really dig our show). A few of our subscribers have actually took it upon themselves to promote our show by sharing our videos with their subscribers to help us get our numbers up. This is the type of support we really need and we appreciate their efforts
  • When a viewer subscribes, we now have Hayley write a thank you note back to them on their channel. Consider this good customer service (also a good way to get an “impression” on their page)
  • We’re not sure if facebook advertising is having much of an impact so we’re going to turn it off tomorrow to see if there is any noticeable effect. We are seeing a lot of new fans on our facebook fan page, but it’s just as likely through normal organic growth via youtube
  • Growth in daily views have flattened slightly. Theoretically, as we have more videos out, we would expect the number of views to increase, due to the quantity of videos we have. This flattening is a worrisome indicator but it’s still very early. It does make me question whether a once-per-week model is better because it gives us longer time to grow while the series is still running
  • We past 11,000 views this week on YouTube
  • Over the last week, we’re seeing a very strong skew in females in the 13-17 age range. I question how youtube actually tracks these demographics. If a user isn’t registered or logged-in when they’re viewing videos, I don’t think they would have any demo information. So it would be helpful for youtube to disclose what their methodology is (or at least provide what the viewer sample size is or how many views the data represents). Either way, there’s a high likelihood that the numbers below are limited. But the results should still be directionally correct

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