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BigScreen LittleScreen September Meetup

September 16, 2008

Tonight was the BigScreen LittleScreen September meetup. This time, the meetup was part of the NYTVF (New York Television Festival), so there were all sorts of creative types running around. Supposedly, the EQAL guys were debuting their next series LG15: The Resistance in another room. Not surprisingly, NewTeeVee already has a review up here.

These meetups are always great motivators for me. It’s wonderful and inspiring to see creative New Yorkers go out and make their films/series a reality, and it’s always great to network and connect with like-minded people. I ran into Jesse Cowell there, who showed off 3 minutes of his cult-hit Drawn By Pain. He mentioned that Drawn By Pain will debut as a feature film on October 4th at Tribeca Cinemas for anybody interested in checking that out.

There was an outside chance that I was going to present The Hayley Project at this meetup but the lineup was full. I plan on debuting some footage during the October meetup, hopefully post-launch. And yes, I am still trying to launch this month. We are slightly behind schedule on the website build, but I’m optimistic we can catch up over the next week. Also, good news as one of our top editors is close to finishing a trailer that I’ll release within the next week.

More updates to come….

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