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They Hayley Project update

March 16, 2008

So things have been extremely busy. Hence, the lack of posts. But a quick update:

  • We have 29 episodes picture-locked, and expect the remaining 8 to be completed within the next couple of weeks
  • Kasia has been working non-stop to score our episodes, and we’ve made a tremendous amount of progress musically these last two weeks. I’m loving her work. She’s very talented. Since Jato is in LA right now, and she’s in London, I wake up to a barrage of emails every morning. Jato is a night owl so he communicates with her late at night during her mornings. It’d actually be easier the other way around (9 hour difference), but the current method seems to work
  • We’ve decided to recut our trailer. One of our talented editors, Austin, is going to take a crack at creating a sexier, more-hip trailer that we’ll probably release in the next month
  • We have talked to two distributors so far and have a meeting with another one at the end of this week
  • At some point, we’ll try and set up a release party in NYC. Not sure when this will happen, but I think its important for the whole cast and crew to come together to celebrate the end of this process

More to come.

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