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My 2-second quote on

January 9, 2008 has an article describing NEHST Studios, and their way of uncovering new filmmaking talent. And best of all (well, not really), I get quoted. Yeah, it’s short, and as much as I tried, I couldn’t get the writer to mention The Hayley Project (it was a long shot anyway). But here it is in all its glory:

“If all this sounds a bit like American Idol, that’s probably because it is. There’s no humiliation, and there’s no one lucky winner — Nehst has actually purchased 14 ideas so far — but the dynamic and atmosphere are startlingly familiar. ”You feel this nervous energy because you’re literally pitching in front of 75 people,” says Andrew Park, who peddled his idea for an Internet sports mockumentary at one of Nehst’s group-pitch sessions. ”And as soon as you’re done, the three judges basically critique your pitch, so it does feel like American Idol.” ”

To clarify, the idea that was pitched was from me and Bobby T. Bobby T got a little bit of the shaft in the quote department. Sorry, bud. Anyway, if you want to read the entire backstory, click here for our pitching experience. We actually made the next round but are delinquent in sending in our documents. Come to think of it, that should be a new year’s resolution…..

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