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LG Online Video Contest Stats

November 28, 2007

A rep at LG contacted me to share some data on a recent online video contest (“Life’s Good When….”) that LG is currently sponsoring. This contest asks people to submit short videos that express a feeling or experience that has made life good for them. Voting ends today and the prizes total $30,000 in top-of-the-line LG products, with the grand prize alone worth $18,000 (more info at

In terms of traffic data, the contest appears fairly successful when compared to other UGC video contests on YouTube.

  • 315,000 channel views
  • Over 840,000 video views
  • 885 channel subscribers
  • 915 video submissions

To put this in context, Samsung generated less than 143,000 channel views for a similar YouTube contest. The LG rep claims that the success of this contest is attributable to the following:

  • Compelling “feel good” contest that appeals to everybody
  • Ease to enter. Any short video goes (little restrictions)
  • Grand prize of $18,000 in LG electronics is sizeable compared to other contests
  • And of course, LG buying media and PR to make sure the contest reached a lot of people

Frankly, I think the “anything goes” aspect is a must-have if you want a lot of volume. In contrast, Samsung required their entrants to make a music video using only Samsung-approved music. Companies have to keep in mind that amateur video makers are more likely to be creative when they don’t have to stick to too many guidelines. Of course, this is a double edged sword. No company wants to sponsor a contest where the participants are making potentially brand-damaging videos (either off brand, or downright scandalous). But if companies expect to benefit from the viral nature of UGC video contests, they have to be willing to take the risk.

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