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Professionally produced content to bury amateurs?

November 24, 2007

Business week has an interesting article about the decline in popularity of user-generated video content as professionally-produced videos flood the Internet.

While professionally-produced content will certainly generate more revenues, the area that most people don’t address is the “semi-professional, super-low budget” content. Was Lonelygirl15 considered professional when it first came out? Was Ask A Ninja?

I think there’s going to be three tiers of content that shakeout:

1) Amateur stuff (e.g., skateboarding videos, stupid pet tricks, etc.)

2) Indie semi-professional (e.g., indie low budget productions with some filmmaking skill level involved)

3) Professionally-produced content (e.g., studio backed, larger budget productions)

While it’s easy to say that professionally-produced content is going to win over more viewers than amateur clips, the question is what type of viewership will the indie semi-professional types get overall? This tier will have the broadest range in quality in terms of both creative content, and production value. The other question is what type of CPMs will these less credible indie productions get versus the studio-backed productions?

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