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Internet Series gets TV Deal

November 18, 2007

MySpace’s Quarterlife will be broadcast on NBC early next year. Read about the details here.

This is a big win for Internet content creators and the first real made-for-Internet show that will make its way onto TV. However, we have to remember that the creators of Quarterlife came from TV (thirty-something), so they had plenty of credibility before they signed this deal. Also, we have to keep in mind that Quarterlife had a generous budget of $500,000 PER episode according to Silicon Alley Insider. If this is really the budget (I have sneaking suspicions that it’s more like $50K per episode or $500,000 for the 36-episode season otherwise we’re talking about an $18MM production), then it calls into question whether other lower-budget Internet shows will be high enough production quality to be broadcast on network TV. In other words, Quarterlife will probably be the exception given its high production quality and budget.

Either way though, it’s still good news for the online video category.

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