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PQ didn’t make money

November 7, 2007

Bad news. A recent article has Michael Eisner stating that Prom Queen “didn’t make money”. This is a more pessimistic remark than a quote I heard earlier where he said they broke even but didn’t disclose much more than that. Prom Queen was budgeted at $100,000. PQ was an 80 episode show with each episode running around 90 seconds. Basically, that’s $1,250 per show. If the ad deal was based on CPM, the production break-even viewership would have had to been around 62,500 per episode at a $20 CPM. The catch is we don’t know what the marketing, website, and distribution costs are outside of the production budget. Either way, it’s not reassuring to see that PQ wasn’t profitable on a show that was hyped up and featured by MySpace.

Eisner also goes on to talk about how the WGA strike is stupid, because it will be another 3 years before the economics of digital distribution works.

Thanks to Mike D for passing the article along.

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