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THP Update

November 1, 2007

Quick Hayley Project update. I posted an ad on for more editors, so that we can expedite the post production process. I received a handful of resumes (and one FU cover letter – guess the guy wasn’t happy about the no pay aspect). Anyway, we hired two more qualified editors to join our editing staff. They sound excited and I think this will help push our project through quicker. I’ll be talking to a few more editors over the next few days.

We had a VERY productive interactive meeting last night. There was a lot of back and forth on what the ideal website for the project is vs. what is feasible and cost efficient. This actually drove an important decision. Rather than actually start build and development on the site, we’re going to mockup the site and present it with the business plan to potential distributors/partners/investors, etc. This will take the risk off of sinking money in upfront until I know we have interested parties involved. The original plan was to actually build the site and be able to show the distributors the functionality. However, given the great ideas Chris and Ken came up with, we would need to put in a decent chunk of change to make this happen. Thus, the mockup is the plan of action right now. I’m pretty excited about some of the features. They really pushed on being innovative with the website and came up with things that are not being done anywhere.

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