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BigScreen LittleScreen Meetup

October 26, 2007

Last night I went to the “BigScreen LittleScreen – The Creative Side of Video 2.0” Meetup with my friend Bobby T. (online video analyst at Jupiter research and business development consultant to The Hayley Project).

It was the third meetup for this recently-started group, and it was my first time there. It was hosted at For Your Imagination Studios on 27th Street. This is a fantastic meetup that focuses on content creators, rather than the tech side of online video that you get from the Video 2.0 meetups.

Presenters screen samples of their works and conduct Q&As. I really enjoyed seeing the diversity of the works out there, and the creativity of the filmmakers. It was also a great networking event, where you could meet other like-minded creators out there. For anybody in the NYC area who create content, I highly recommend this group. And yes, they had free beer.

Last night, we screened the following:
Break a Leg – The Sitcom
– Grace Piper, Fearless Cooking –
– Jacob Klein, Seed Magazine –
– Kathryn Jones –
– Adam Quirk, Wreck & Salvage

During the networking section of the event, I met and spoke with Paul Kontonis, CEO of For Your Imagination. According to their website, For Your Imagination produces and markets high-quality original internet TV shows and video podcasts, turning concept into reality for content creators and talent. In some ways, this sounds similar to NEHST Studios, although I don’t believe For Your Imagination does public pitch sessions. Anyway, I got a lot of great insights into the business side of online video by talking to Paul.

One thing that Paul mentioned last night during the Q&A part of the “Break A Leg” screening, which is very relevant for The Hayley Project, is that his series builds on itself, so it becomes difficult for a viewer to come in and watch a new video without either 1) having seen the trailer, or 2) been watching the previous episodes. This is a hurdle we’re going to have for The Hayley Project as well. Webisodes are too short to really do the “last time on The Hayley Project” video roll, etc., so I think we’re just going to have to make it simple and easy for new viewers to watch the episodes from the start (perhaps an aggregated weekly video a la Prom Queen). Paul also mentioned that by the sixth episode, viewership numbers stabilize and you can start to tell what type of viewership numbers you’re going to get. 

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  1. tibbs1179 permalink
    October 30, 2007 1:42 pm

    For other online shows that I’ve seen, this issue is dealt with by having the video for the current episode on the main page and a prominent “Episodes” link that takes you to a page that has video links to all of the episodes arranged in order.

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