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Interview with Fox Digital Media President and Reality Show Thoughts

October 5, 2007

Click here to read a Forbes article with Dan Fawcett, Fox’s Digital Media President.

In the article, he talks about American Idol and the possibility of it being broadcasted on the Internet. This made me think (and here comes a tangent)…. for reality-based shows, it’d be interesting to have additional cameras with the sole purpose of following around individual characters on the show, with a feed that is accessible only on the Internet. For example, for a reality show like Real World or Survivor, a viewer could watch one character all the time. Yes, it feels like Truman Show and yes, there have been people to already do this (, but why not supplement a reality TV series with the ability to follow and focus on your favorite character all the time? Even on American Idol, if I just want to watch one singer’s reaction the whole time during the show, stream it on the web, and let me see it. It creates added engagement for me as the viewer (or makes me a stalker). And since everything on the Internet is quantifiable, you’d be able to immediately gauge which characters are fan favorites. You could even serve market ads based on the character’s brands.

Note: I do not watch reality TV (except Beauty and the Geek… it rocks). If this single-character camera feed already exists, let me know.

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