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Warner Brothers Introducing 24 Web Productions

September 10, 2007

Warner Brothers have announced the development of 24 online video projects with an estimated total budget of $3MM total. You can read the New York Times article here for more details.  

With more and more studios creating original online video content, the big question is whether this will help or hurt indie filmmakers. On the one hand, there is not enough quality content online. So the opportunity to find an audience or sell a project to a distributor/studio is quite good right now. The downside is that as studios start to flex their marketing and money muscles, the little guy could get buried in the upcoming wave of clutter (unless the little guy is the one who gets hired). So I think the answer lies in how quick the online video category will grow as these bigger players create content. The average person is either unaware or not interested in watching online video series. However, if studios bring credibility to the category, more people may be drawn in. Personally, I think the studios moving into the online video category will ultimately benefit the indie filmmaker. Any additional distribution opportunities is always a good thing.

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