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The Hayley Project: Day 29

August 27, 2007

Day 29 – Sunday. Today we attempted to finish the last seven webcams remaining. And we… failed. Well, we did well for a while, but slowed down considerably at the end. So one more webcam scene still remains, which is very annoying because my apartment has looked like a set for the last three months. I was hoping that I could revert my apartment back to normal after this weekend, but it looks like it’ll be another week before I can move my furniture back to the way it was. Anyway, we shot from 2:30 – 9:30 today. Jato was running on very little sleep. He had an overnight shoot last night and also had to shoot for a couple of hours today.

We set up around 2:30 and then Jato left for his other shoot for a few hours, leaving me with Rachel, Paolo, and Dave to crank through 4 webcams. When he got back, we shot a couple of webcams for a trailer I’m cutting together. Then we had three more webcams to go, but only got through two before I got “resistance” from Jato and Rachel around 9:30. Anyway, it’s kind of disappointing but I still hope to have everything in the can by labor day.

On a separate note, my macbook pro has been having some issues with final cut pro recently. The program keeps freezing up on me. I think it might be the external drive but haven’t figured out the cause yet. It’s quite annoying and is making it difficult to edit.

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