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The Hayley Project: Day 26

August 19, 2007

Day 26 – Thursday. Times Square sucks… but it has great production value! So here’s the thing. Originally, this episode didn’t exist. Over time, Jato felt that we needed another episode to dial-up the arc of our main subplot. I didn’t disagree with this. On top of that, I’ve been pushing for a scene in Times Square (this is me with my producer hat on). Most New Yorkers hate Times Square, but the fact of the matter is, its a noticeable landmark for the viewers who don’t live in New York. Also, its well-lit and looks nice on camera.

That said, once we started shooting, Jato thought shooting here was a mistake. It was loud, crowded, and annoying. Hopefully, the sound isn’t too bad. Worst case scenario, we ADR it or something.

We shot from 9 PM until about midnight. Jato and I argue a decent amount now (like an old married couple). A lot of his complaints are about me not picking or assembling equipment and stuff. But when he was complaining tonight, I was actually trying to direct the actors. Anyway, co-directing is a tough marriage, and it’s probably good that we’re near the end of production. Jato and I are actually pretty decent at working together, but it’s definitely not a natural thing.

Also, another scary moment… so earlier today, Jato texts me and says we have a problem. It appeared that a bunch of our tapes have gotten erased (possibly by a magnet). When he loaded them into two separate decks at NYU, they both had problems reading the tape. This would have been a MAJOR disaster, especially after going through the hell of coordinating locations and actors. Basically, if the tapes were dead, the production was probably dead too. After being demoralized for a couple of hours, he later learned that both of the tape decks at NYU were dirty. What are the chances that two tape decks would be dirty? So our tapes were actually fine. What a roller coaster of emotions in one day.



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