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The Hayley Project: Day 24

August 16, 2007

Day 24 – Sunday. We got Saturday off, which was a much needed break. So the big news is that yesterday, we found a choker replacement… except it was blue and pink. Jato found it at a Ricki’s. The sales guy demonstrated how he could change the color to black by marking on it to which Jato replied, “You must really think I’m going to buy that.” The sales guy said he was going to give it to him for free. So at least we have our prop back. I used a sharpie and colored it black. You can’t tell the difference. I’m holding on to it from now on….

Today, we only had to shoot a small part of a scene that we were supposed to shoot, oh, say about 20 shootings days ago (it got delayed and now here we are picking it up). Anyway, weather was against us. We had to shoot a music video part of a scene by noon (which we did). The dialogue part of the scene was interrupted by a security guard who made us move from where we set up. Then it started raining. With little choice, we had the actors shoot in the rain (note: rain was not that readable on camera) We were basically done by 2:15 after starting around 10 AM. We would have gone on longer but we were rushed due to the weather. I was tired today but this marked the last significant narrative scene remaining. Afterwards, I had lunch at Uno’s with Jato and Dave. Finally feeling the end nearing and now that my vacation is up, I’m back to work tomorrow morning. Truthfully, I’m ready to stop thinking about Hayley for a while. This last week burned me out. But we got a lot done.

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