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The Hayley Project: Day 23

August 14, 2007

Day 23- Friday. Today was the last day we needed to shoot at Regis High School. We started around 9AM. We shot a pretty funny scene in the chem lab in the morning, and then we shot a few missing pieces from the scene that I wasn’t at a few days ago (just reverse shots on Rachel). Before we left, we gave Ted (our contact at Regis) a donation and a small gift for his support over the last few weeks. I’m psyched to be done with the location. Another check off the box.

Afterwards, we met up with Phil at the diner and finished his last scene. It was a little loud so I’m not sure how good the sound quality will be. But it’s still a big win to finally be done with another major character, and Phil is scheduled to fly back to San Diego on Sunday.

Today was the last day with a sizable cast and crew. We’ve been bleeding cash for production costs recently. But Regis and Phil are now shot out. Today was also the last day I’m taking time off of work to shoot. So we literally have the weekend and then we’ll have to revert to a piecemeal shooting schedule.

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