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The Hayley Project: Day 22

August 13, 2007

Day 22 – Thursday. Production is getting close to the end, and our crew has become decimated. Paolo is gone on vacation, and with him, a lot of our organization for getting PAs. It’s almost fitting in some ways. The hardest parts are behind us, but now we’re basically down to a two-man team for the rest of the shoot. It’s like the last act of a movie when every obstacle is being thrown at the protagonists, before they complete their mission. If there’s any cracks in our production, they’re going to start showing now.
Anyway, today, we shot at Columbia in the morning. We were scheduled to shoot at a diner right afterwards but Rachel had an audition, so we rescheduled that part. Instead, we shot scenes with Jessie and Phil until she got back. Unfortunately, of all the things that could happen, she lost her choker, which is an essential part of her character’s costume. (Note: never let your actors take important props with them!) Chances are it slipped out of her purse when she was changing for her other audition, but it’s officially MIA. Of course, this is a major problem for continuity. So we resorted to a ridiculous solution… we used the black rubber band part of a pair of goggles to substitute for the choker for the rest of the day’s shoot. I kid you not. Welcome to the wonderful world of filmmaking.

The big win today was completing all of Jessie’s scenes. We had originally wanted to finish Phil out too, but Rachel’s audition changed our plans for that. Overall, we had a long 12 hours day, but the intensity of the last few days wasn’t there. Tomorrow, our goal is to finish Phil completely. And hopefully, we can find a choker replacement asap.

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