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The Hayley Project: Day 19

August 4, 2007

Day 19 – Monday. Today was the day to end all days. We had an unrealistic schedule and we knew it. Two full episodes including the finale. We had the biggest cast and crew assembled yet. We had like 14 people altogether. Scheduling cast and crew with this one location was difficult and we knew we HAD to get this done today because the likelihood of getting everybody back together was minuscule.

So the location we had was dark, dank, and downright nasty. It was obvious that the cast (mainly women) weren’t too keen on the shooting conditions. It was pouring rain outside, and somehow, the rain was seeping into our basement area. And it was hot as hell. But it looks great on film.

The episode was long so we started midway to make sure we got the major stuff done with the actors we were going to lose. We were fighting the clock all day long. Jato and I didn’t eat all day. We fought and fought through it, trying to be economical with our shots but we were still on the first episode by 3PM. We were supposed to be out by 4PM. Literally, by the time all was said and done, it was 3:55PM and we had yet to shoot anything of the second episode.

So here’s where true run ‘n gun experience comes in. We started shooting the second episode with the goal of getting enough to cut a scene together before we get kicked out of our location. We basically shot singles of each of the three characters in the scene. And of course one master shot. We went hand-held for the entire scene, and we didn’t mount any lights. Yuka basically carried a light around and followed the action. We just shot and shot and by about 4:30PM, we had completed the episode. Funny thing is I don’t think the portion we shot will look bad at all. I think the hand-held style will be interesting visually, and I’m pretty confident the episode will cut together just fine. We did go over 4PM but Ted, Paolo’s contact, is a cool guy and he let us slip by this once. We cleaned up and got out of there. At the end of the day, I had a headache, was dehydrated, and felt like I may be getting sick.

Going with sports terminology. we used the word SAVE today, since we finished enough to push the plot forward. However, we missed shooting the first part of our climax episode, and we also cut out part of the second episode. That said, we might be able to reschedule these parts.

Also, not to give away plot points here but firing a gun with blanks is an interesting beast. Blank discharge is so fast that it’s possible that the camera won’t even pick it up during its frames. We had one shot where the camera didn’t pick up the blank discharges despite the gun being fired three times. Crazy.

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