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The Hayley Project: Day 18

July 29, 2007

Day 18 – Sunday. OK. So no more photos for a while, due to plot sensitive material. Sorry!

Today, we had a full day and shot the last part of our climax episode as well as our final episode. We were able to get our entire main cast together for this day, so Dave and Paolo took advantage of this and snapped some promotional photos (they look fantastic). It was nice to see our main cast together, and it was good for morale. Our morning went slower than anticipated. The actors had fun with each other, but we weren’t able to move as quickly as we would have with a smaller cast. We had originally planned on going to Coney Island for a few shots, but after a slow start, changed the final shots to Central Park.

We went back to the diner we shot at yesterday for lunch. I figured it’s good to give them our business since they helped us out. Afterwards, we shot some webcam stuff and then ran out to Central Park for our final shots. We were fighting for daylight. We finished the final webcam shots around 7PM, so we literally had about half an hour to shoot four shots in Central Park, including our final shot of the series. It was crazy busy.

I think we did well in getting all the important shots, and the cast seemed to have fun through the day. It’s great when the cast has fun together. The flip side is we tend to move slower since they are a little more distracted. But regardless, our final episode was basically in the can, so it felt like a big win. We were also able to shoot out one of our main actors, who had traveled to NYC today just for us.

Tomorrow and Tuesday will be daunting. Truthfully, I’m not sure if its realistic to get all of the final climatic scene done. It’s possible but it’s going to be a battle to the end. It sounds like Paolo scheduled as many as 5 PAs tomorrow, so that will give us a fighting chance. Big win today, but still another week to go.

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