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The Hayley Project: Day 16

July 25, 2007

Day 16 -Friday.  After a decent break, we were ready for our final push. I was using up vacation days so that we can try and finish this thing asap. Very soon, our actors are going to start disappearing to other projects, our crew is getting worn out, we’ve beaten up one of our producers Paolo as much as humanly possible, and Jato is moving on to a new project. The end is near… one way or another.

Today, we were at Regis from 12-4 PM. We only actually shot from about 1-3:15 PM so at least it was an easy day for Rachel who just returned from Colorado. We also used this opportunity to check out where we would be filming on Monday, which will be one of our toughest days. We had three new PAs: Kyle, Caroline, and Rosanna. Today was an easy shoot, but I have a lot of anxiety about the next week.

Over our break, there were a lot of scary moments. We had an actor we couldn’t find for a while (we finally found him though and flew him in). We had a scheduling nightmare trying to figure out how to get actors coordinated over the next two weeks to complete the project. Jato and I have also had lots of talks about revisions to the script to deal with contingency plans. Everything from creating a new character and dropping one (major change) to cutting season 1 off at episode 30 or 31 and shaving off the last four-five episodes. Lots of discussion/arguing, etc. In the end, Jato and I are like an old married couple now. Arguing is part of the norm and we’re very comfortable doing it. We even get to the point where we start arguing about something and realize that 1) its irrelevant or 2) we’re arguing for the same thing. I think those are the arguments that are most odd. We both strongly state an opinion and it’s basically the same thing except said in a different manner. Again, the difficulty of trying to share a vision. Anyway, the final push is ahead. Go team.


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