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The Hayley Project: Day 14

July 15, 2007

Day 14 – Saturday. I read that Michael Bay (dir, Transformers) averages 75 setups a day versus 20 setups for most Hollywood movies. That’s incredible. I was always a big fan of his, and my respect for him just went up even higher. He is the king of summer popcorn movies (although I know a lot of people hate his style). If you’ve seen his movies (The Rock, Bad Boys, Pearl Harbor, etc.),  you know he shoots in a very MTV-style fashion, with quick cutting, and a ton of camera angles. I find it ironic that his blog is called “Shoot for the edit” which implies that he edits in his head so that every shot he gets is useful. But I guess he does use every camera angle, necessary or not…. anyway, I digress.

After seeing Transformers, we started joking about Michael Bay and how we need to start moving quicker like he does. We have such a skeletal (and inexperienced) crew that its really hard for us to move quickly, but if Michael Bay can bang out 75 setups in a day, we should at least be able to get a simple “walk and talk” scene shot out in less than four hours, right?

In the morning, we went to Central Park and completed a cutaway scene that finally completed an episode we shot several weeks ago. Crew arrived at 930, cast at 1030. We finished by 1215. Overall a win and for the first time in a while, we were ahead of schedule and ready to shoot by the time the actors were settled. Maybe it’s the Michael Bay thing….

After that scene, we went back to my place and shot out 3 more webcam scenes. By 5PM, we were done for the day. Rachel had worked until 5AM the night before, so she was beat and we wanted her to get some rest. Tomorrow will be a long one for her and she’ll have to knock out some emotionally taxing scenes.

His name is David….

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