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The Hayley Project: Day 11

July 11, 2007

Note: In case it wasn’t obvious, my posts are delayed by several days. Sorry!

Day 11 – Sunday. Today, we killed off one scene in my apartment. We call it Grand Central, and it was a monster blocking nightmare. In this scene, there’s essentially three different people walking in and out of Hayley’s room as she’s video blogging. The tricky part is to coordinate their action within the webcam view, so that we can see the characters make their entrances and exits. On top of that, we “punch out” (e.g., no webcam view) into the apartment for most of the dialogue. So essentially, we had to cheat and move actors around all over the place in order to get them in view for our various camera angles. This was one of those challenging scenes that has been on our production schedule for a while now, and I’m happy to say is finally done. Not only did we get it done, we basically made our schedule for the day (only scheduled 11-3).

Jato and I also decided we liked one of our new actors enough to bring him back as a recurring character for later episodes, so that was a great last minute addition. After we wrapped on the scene, we went to Ollies for lunch (I really need to stop going there), and Adam came along with us. We got to talk about his acting experiences and his view on the craft. Acting is such an interesting discipline, and its amazing how many different acting techniques there are. Although I’m a lousy actor, I’ve enjoyed it the few times I’ve done it.

Tomorrow, I’ll be back at work so Jato and the team will have to shoot without me. Paolo was able to score his old high school as a location for several different scenes, and from what I hear, it’s a fantastic “set”. Of all the scenes they do tomorrow, I see one scene as a high priority. I’m curious to see if they can complete it.


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