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The Hayley Project: Day 10

July 5, 2007

Day 10 – Saturday. Today’s scene had a lot of movement, so we needed to block carefully to miminize shot setups. Early on, I blocked out the scene one way but when we started to shoot, things got changed slightly. I think one of the key learning points about working with a co-director is to communicate early and often. Generally, the scene came out great, but there was a little rework taking place after I had initially set up the blocking. Overall, not a big deal, but it probably helps to be completely aligned at the start of the shoot. Also, with blocking, we let the actors find what was comfortable and natural for them.

Our new actor for the day was fantastic and very easy to work with. Again, I think our cast is great. Frankly, I think the most important aspect of directing is casting correctly. If your cast is good, they’ll get what you’re trying to do and make it happen.

We had one run-in with some doorman/security type guy who didn’t let us shoot outside the apartment. So we filmed that at the end of our day in true “run and gun” fashion.

In summary, we shot the scene out in about 4 hours. My friend Marcus’ birthday dinner was that night and I arrived 10 minutes late, but no big deal. Overall, a win today.


One funny thing that kept happening is that there was a cat in the apartment that kept meowing whenever Rachel made her entrance. Every single time. Very funny.

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