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The Hayley Project: Day 9

July 2, 2007

Day 9 – Wednesday. After a couple days off, we needed to get back to making progress. Even after 8 long days, we still have a large chunk of the series left to film. From this point forward, we won’t have many consecutive days to film, so we have to make progress in bits and pieces.

Tonight we started by focusing on finishing some reverses of Rachel. Earlier, we had shot two episodes from every angle except the reverse so we needed to knock that out. We also shot her reverse for an episode we would shoot later on Sunday. Jocelyn was nice enough to come by and do lines with Rachel even though she wouldn’t be on camera. This was definitely helpful for Rachel. We finished in about 3 hours. Overall, not too stressful…. except a moment early on when one of our lights caught on fire. Yeah, seriously. The diffusion on the light got heated up too much and lit up. Little burnt black pieces of diffusion fell to the ground and as I was trying to turn off the light, a piece fell on my finger. Man, did it burn. It left a nasty blister. If you’ve seen Spider-man 3, it was like the part when pieces of the black symbiote thingy fell on Topher Grace. Anyway, my fire alarm went off but we turned it off quickly. Unfortunately, there’s a little black mark on the ceiling from the smoke and my floor had the burnt diffusion sticking to my wood floor. Hope I get that security deposit back.

Day 9 was Zamar’s last day before he heads back to Michigan. He was a huge help and will  be missed.


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