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The Hayley Project: Day 7

June 26, 2007

Day 7 – Saturday. After finally being done with my apartment, I felt reenergized. I got up around 9 and got a haircut, while Phil slept in. Our call time was around 1 PM. Getting a haicut was a big win and very necessary (getting a little shaggy). Our plan/hope was to shoot 2.5 scenes today. First, we would start downtown around Washington Square Park and then we would move up to Columbia. All the scenes today were between Rachel (our main actress) and Phil.

Well, for whatever reason, we were extremely slow with our first scene. We had some problems with foot traffic in our long shots, and the actors were a little giggly today, so there were a lot of takes. The scene definitely took longer than I expected. Not crazy happy about it. I was planning on directing Columbia so Jato took the lead on directing the earlier scenes. But we ran out of time and decided to forego Columbia for the day.  What’s disappointing is that we didn’t get really get out super early either.

Anyway, its hard to tell whether the day was a “win” or not. Overall, I was disappointed in what we completed. But these things happen.  Afterwards, we dropped stuff off at Paolo and Dave’s, and played a little guitar hero. Then a few of us went to McGee’s for dinner and drinks. We’ll need to do better tomorrow. Hey, at least I got a haircut.


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