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They Hayley Project: Day 4

June 23, 2007

Day 4 – Wednesday. After a couple days off (if you can call it that since I was actually working my full-time day job), we were ready to tackle a 5-day shoot. Wednesday proved to be very challenging. First, we converted my small studio apartment into a college girl’s dorm room (fun, fun). Next, we crammed close to 10 people into it, with many of them standing on my bed to stay out of frame. Throw in the heat of the summer and we’re in for a good time. We stretched everybody by working a 13-hour day. We fell behind schedule (again), because a light bulb broke (again). After getting the replacement, we tried to make up time but it was clear we were going to have to forego any reverse shots for another day.

Because of the setup time involved for any given shot, we decided to optimize our production by shooting every shot from one angle regardless of the scene. In other words, we had shots from five different episodes to deal with. Once we were setup from a webcam view, we shot every episode from that angle first. Then we punched out into our narrative camera angles and shot everything that way. Welcome to a continuity nightmare. Because Paolo was taking a lot of photos, we were able to look back on his camera to see what the actors were wearing in the different episodes. This really saved us, because we really needed to shoot this way in order to save time.

I was quite pleased with one of our supporting actresses who really did an incredible job in the role we gave her. In fact, I really think Jato and I hired a very talented cast, which is really going to bring our story to life. Most of our cast was pretty patient with us, but the heat and long hours got to some of them. By the end of the day, it was clear that some people weren’t so happy with the long day in such a cramped environment. We finished around 10 PM which immediately prompted us to change our next day’s call time to 11:30 AM. We wanted to give everybody at least 12 hours to recover. I felt really beat up by the end of the day and I couldn’t help laughing at my place when I saw what it looked like. Messy, dirty, and everything out of place. I went to my bathroom and flipped on the light switch and a 500kw bulb beamed into my face. I tried to put laundry away but had to move a bookcase that covered my closet in order to get to it. My bed had no sheets and I had to dodge equipment to walk around. My apartment was transformed into a set. At least I’m getting my rent’s worth this month. One down in my apartment, two more to go….


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