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The Hayley Project: Day 2

June 22, 2007

Day 2 – Saturday. While Friday was more about drama and the heart/soul of the story and plot, Saturday focused on a couple of supporting characters who infuse comedy and help unravel pieces of the mystery. After shooting our first scene at Washington Square Park, we moved to Union Square for our second scene. Coincidentally, the New York Film Academy was filming at the same time in Union Square, so there were literally film crews all around the park. No joke. We felt like we just stepped into some random filmmaking competition. The beauty, of course, is that this was the perfect chance to film without anybody bothering us for permits. If anybody asked, we were with the New York Film Academy.

Like Friday, we couldn’t manage to stick to our schedule. It’s not so much that we’re slow…. it’s more that we were aggressive with how we scheduled in the first place. Pretty quickly, we had to call off one scene to skip to the next one in our schedule. Right around three o’clock, the dark clouds rolled in and it was obvious it was about to pour. We decided to gamble. We went to Gramercy Park to take a chance and try to shoot out a scene before it rained. While we were shooting, we saw everybody else in the park evacuate. People were staring at as us as if we were idiots for trying to film when it was clearly ready to pour. Talk about adrenaline…. hey, if it was my camera, I would have run for shelter but Jato is a braver man than me. As we were shooting our final shot, we started to feel drops of rain. I put my script over his camera (as if paper would have protected it). We filmed for another minute and finally called it. Luckily, we had gotten all the shots we needed. The question is whether the quality was good. The acting felt rushed so we’ll see if it cuts together well. Unfortunately, the rain continued and we let everybody go home at 5. In some ways, this was nice though because I got to decompress at home.

I think it finally dawned on me how long this project is going to take to get filmed. We’re talking about 150 pages which is a feature-length movie. Part of the issue is that Jato is the only experienced technical person on set, so he has to train and direct the PAs for sound and lighting. So we move slower than we would if we had an experienced crew. I think there’s going to be a lot of intermittent shooting after our big push next week, but the goal is to take a large chunk out.



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