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Google testing in-stream ads

May 25, 2007

Click here to read an adweek article on Google’s new ad test within its AdSense network.

According to Google officials, those test-participating sites can control which ads get streamed, as well as when and where they run.

Everybody has been saying the same thing over and over — nobody knows for sure what is the right answer for advertising in online video. This test is just another one of many to get closer to the right model. The above statement makes me believe that we could start to see short mid-stream ads in addition to typical pre and post-roll ads. I question whether a quick mid-stream ad is any more effective than a pre-roll ad. With a pre-roll ad, I have to wait for my content to load anyway so its not a big deal to me. Once you start throwing ads in the middle of a webisode, it’s more likely to annoy me. The counterpoint to this is that viewers only retain full recall ability (see Brent Friedman’s Afterworld interview) for about 2 minutes and 47 seconds. If this is true, for longer webisodes (3+ minutes), a mid-stream ad would increase recall which is what’s valuable to advertisers. The testing continues…

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