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Perfect Profile

May 1, 2007

So I finally got around to uploading an old film to a bunch of places including Veoh, Brightcove, and Revver. Veoh has a cool feature that allows you to syndicate to other platforms such as YouTube, MySpace, and even WordPress. I had some problems embedding Revver into the MySpace page and Revver doesn’t seem to work with this blog. I’ll play around and report back anything interesting I find between the platforms.

One thing that was annoying with Veoh is that they don’t let you change your monetization settings after you upload a video. The first time I uploaded Perfect Profile a couple of days ago, I made it a rental (watch for 24 hours for $.99). I figured, hey, might as well see if anybody is willing to pay to watch this thing, right? After having about eighty-something people click on the preview for Perfect Profile with no buys, I decided I was just going to make it free. But I couldn’t find a way to change the monetization setting. So I emailed Veoh and a rep responded and told me that at this time, the only way to change the settings is to delete the old video and upload it again. I hope they fix this because it was really annoying.

At the time of this post, I’ve earned a whopping $.87 from Revver: 20 views, 8 completed views, and 5 ad clicks.

Given that this short is way too long for most people, I don’t expect there to be too many completed views, but this is a great way to test the different platforms out there. One of my friends did a little head-to-head testing and said that Revver lagged in terms of loading. For a short video (<3 mins), it probably doesn’t make a big difference.

FYI, I shot this film in 2003 with NYU film students.

Super 16MM, color, appx 10 mins.

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  1. Doug permalink
    May 2, 2007 8:40 am

    Greatly casted movie!

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