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More Casting

April 25, 2007

Tonight we went back to Shetler Studios for 3.5 hours looking to fill two important supporting roles. As usual, we fell behind schedule even though we cut down the monologues.  In the end, it all worked out and we stayed an extra half hour for free. There weren’t a ton of actors and actresses that wowed me tonight, but there is a high potential candidate for “Lexi” and two high potential candidates for “Slade”.

I need to lock myself in the apartment this next weekend to write. We’re two and a half weeks away from shooting, and we’re not done with our first draft yet (outline is in great shape though). Granted, each episode is only going to be five minutes or less, but we’re still going to need a lot of time to revise, especially since my partner and I are being redundant in our writings.

As we get closer to the shoot dates, I’ll talk a little bit more about the series. I realize writing vague blogs about a series that I haven’t described in detail isn’t too interesting to anybody. But, I’m also a little paranoid, so I don’t want to give away too much of the concept until I’m confident we can get our series out the door. Anyway, more updates to come.

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