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Viral Mobile Content

April 5, 2007

Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve received multiple solicitations to create and provide short viral content for digital distribution. One of them offered $500 per video, which is pretty nice. No promise of future ad revenue, just cold hard cash as they look to quickly build up their website.

The most recent solicitation came from a short video website that is moving into distributing content to mobile providers. I was considering naming this company, but decided against it. No idea if they could do anything legally, but thought it could be bad form.

Anyway, I will say that the company is looking to create a pilot show comprised of shorts to distribute through their mobile outlets and eventually to Cingular to provide downloads. The director of acquisition says that this is a non-exclusive deal and that filmmakers will retain all rights to their work. His pitch paints a rosy picture for distributing through mobile when compared to the Internet.

“… the difference between the Internet and us is that the filmmaker gets paid, whereas the vast majority of Internet sites pay Nothing at all to the filmmakers that have their films seen and passed around an endless number of times every single day on the Internet, totally for Free, while the sites makes huge profits on advertising.”

Not exactly true (see Revver, Brightcove, You Tube soon…) but a nice pitch. The economics of a mobile deal is similar to the Internet.

* 50% revenue sharing generated by subscriptions, advertising, and by downloads:(.99 cents for films under 2min. –  $2.49 for films 2min. to 5min.)

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