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Music Nation

March 31, 2007

Music Nation is a music video contest for independent artists. The winner will get a record deal with Epic, and I’m sure other artists who do well will be discovered in the process of the competition (like American Idol). I browsed some of the videos and production quality varies a lot (budgets are all over the place). But for the most part, there seems to be a lot of talent on this site. And if you’re the type of person who wants to find interesting and undiscovered bands, this is a great place to start. Of course, to filter through the bad stuff, you can click on “most watched” or “most discussed” and go straight to the cream of the crop. Also, one of the great things about this site/contest is the ability to find bands who live near you. If you love live music and want to discover bands in your area, you can search by zip code.

Ex-American Idol contestant Chris Slye and his band Half Past Forever’s video Know came up when you click on most watched (past 24 hours). I didn’t even realize Chris had a band. This contest is more interesting to me than American Idol, because the music video plays a primary role in branding the band and giving the artists an identity. On top of that, if the video is well cut together or tells an interesting story, sub-par singers could advance much further here than they could in American Idol. It will be interesting to see who wins and what type of publicity they receive when this is finished. It would be ironic if Chris Slye ends up winning this thing from his popularity on American Idol.

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