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Casting Day 2: Potential

March 22, 2007

So Jato (my creative partner in crime) and I went back to work last night for four hours at Shetler Studios. We auditioned 18 actresses for our lead role. Unlike Sunday’s efforts, we focused on finding our main character and put everybody else on the backburner. Coming out of Sunday, I wasn’t thrilled with our choices and I started to get worried. So Wednesday was all about finding the right lead.

Fortunately, Wednesday night brought a lot of potential. Overall, the actresses were very good and a few of them had the right look for the role. The difficulty in this casting process is that we’re looking for a college-aged lead character. And headshots are very deceptive, especially because some actors don’t update them too often (read: several years). So when someone comes in who looks like they could be 30, it just doesn’t fly (although I remembered it worked for some of the Beverly Hills 90210 cast).

Anyway, I feel optimistic that our lead could be among one of the actresses we saw.  Jato is going out of town for a couple of weeks so we probably won’t have callbacks for a little bit of time.  But definitely feeling better about the process than Sunday night. Hopefully, we’ll have the same luck with our other character auditions.

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